can i buy doxycycline over the counter in south africa Global Records and Research Foundation

Global Records and Research Foundation (GRRF) is a premier ‘Center of Excellence’ in the field of standardization, uniformity and bench marking circumstances worldwide.  These pillars constitute basics in measurement of human achievements including amazing, extraordinary, unusual and breathtaking records! It is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary groups, institutions and record books. GRRF will initiate and lead the projects and research in Standardization, Uniformity and Consistency in measuring techniques.

'Children Records Book -A Unit of GRRF' is world's First & Exclusive Record Book for Children and Prodigy worldwide.

Children Record Book has devised flexible five age categories based on worldwide research and evidences. Herein parents and mentors can nominate their child in following five categories....

  1. Top Toddler - Till 3years of age
  2. Super Kid     - Between 3 and 7years
  3. Little Champ - Between 7 and 12years
  4. Talented Teens -Between 12 and 16 years
  5. Young Achiever - Over 16years

So What You Waiting For ?

Science has proven evidences that every child is different and full of special and unique talent like thumb impression. It is primary duty of parents, teachers and mentors to identify and hone that specific skill and talent. Children Records Book is committed to provided much needed plate form to such talented children.

Meet the Team

Manmohan S Rawat

Founder & Chief Editor

A well known authority in Records and related research. Over 25years of experience in various walks of life including sales & marketing, content development and digital planning.

Ms Sona

Head- Records & Research Team

A hard task master with proven expertise in data and details management. Will be heading Records and Research team at Children Records Book.

Jaikrit R

Head- Market Research and Business Development

He is a veteran in media and creative art. He was Sr. Creative Director of HTA (Now JWT) 1999 to 2001 based at Mumbai, India. Rin and Kargil commercials (both for HLL) were among the famous work. He had also worked in Lintas and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Join Us ......

'Global Records and Research Foundation' welcomes like minded people, groups and associations to work towards providing opportunity to children across globe to showcase talent and compete with each other.

Drop a mail us at to explore exciting opportunity.