General Standard Procedure


  • Other than encouraging people to break already set records, CRB also suggests new records which children can attempt.
  • CRB also gives on-the-spot certification and online certification along with providing certification of breaking records though the Standard Procedure.
  • CRB works through an on-line portal which is updated every 24 hours for the benefits of the visitors and aspirants.
  • Archives of the past records are digitally stored. (Current as well as Previous Record holder would be displayed in the website)
  • User friendly procedure for claiming the attempted record
  • What You can do in 60 seconds ? 1 Minute Concept
  • Fast Track Adjudication Procedure

On Spot Adjudication Procedure


  • Herein Parents / Organizers invite Judge(s) for On Spot Adjudication.
  • Judge(s) adjudicates the record attempt as per criteria and guidelines shared with claimant.
  • CRB also provides advice, assistance in preparation,and detailed guidelines to perform as per given criteria.
  • Judge(s) audits the performance as per given procedure.
  • Subject to successful conduct and completion, Judge(s) announces record creation and presents Certificate and Trophy to the child.
  • CRB also assists in formulating Press Invitation and Press Release.
  • CRB also facilitates media coordination and supports media interaction.
  • Adjudication cost is based on various factors including number of participants, duration of attempt & number of Judge(s) required etc.
  • Parents / Organizers are also required to arrange travel (air travel) and stay arrangements for the visiting Judge(s).

Group / Mass Record Attempts


  • Herein team, group or large number of participants performed in the record attempt.
  • Team of Judge(s) or Adjudicators facilitate the smooth conduct of the record attempt.
  • CRB also provide personalized certificate to each participants on successful completion of attempt on payment of a nominal fee.
  • Academic institutions, schools and college are encouraged to involve students in various social activities and simultaneously making world records. CRB also suggests record options based on the day, theme or academic calendar.
  • Customized packages are formulated for the group / mass attempts.

Express Procedure

Express Procedure is a premium service. This service is primarily offered wherein claimant needs quick response from CRB team. Under this fast track service record claim is processed in 72hrs and subject to approval, record is conferred to claimant in 72hrs.

Festival of Records

You are surrounded by any skillful and talented children. You can organize Festival of Records in your city to provide much needed plate form to children. So go ahead and plan such Festival of Records. To know more, please write a mail at

Submit Your Record

So... who is stopping you ? Submit your record claim.

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