Lane Kiffin tweeted a Florida Atlantic scholarship offer to a six-month-old infant

Image result for Lane Kiffin tweeted a Florida Atlantic scholarship offer to a six-month-old infantFirst off, a disclaimer: We get that this was a joke. It was a good joke, a self-deprecating joke, and because of that it deserves to be recognized.

Let it be known that Lane Kiffin gets his reputation, and he is willing to make fun of himself, and it.

On National Signing Day, Kiffin was sent a tweet introducing him to a 6-month-old infant who already weighed in at 22 pounds. According to that tweet, the child is the second-largest born at that hospital in Charleston, S.C. The child’s parent said with his size, they should consider a spot on the line.

Look, there’s no way a scholarship offer presented to a six-month old is committable, nor that it would hold up. It’s a virtual impossibility that Kiffin will even be coaching at FAU in 17 years. Heck, it’s likely he might not be coaching anywhere then.

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Still, Kiffin sending the baby an offer is an overt reference to his own reputation for ‘crootin’ them young, dating back to his at the time groundbreaking scholarship offer to middle school quarterback David Sills.

Obviously, they don’t get much younger than six months old unless you’re in the delivery room which … wait a minute, Kiffin was there recently, too!

Give Kiffin this, in comedy and earnest coaching, he’s keeping himself ahead of the curve..